The Selling Out of America To The Banking Industry...

It would appear that Senator Harry Reid is gearing up to PASS Cap & Tax in the next Congress with the loving and abiding support of one Mike Castle – DE – L (liberal). There has been much made of the dastardly act of calling into question Castle’s sexual preferences on Liberty.com I encourage all the young Conservatives to remember to FIGHT WITH FACTS when the reality is that Mike Castle can be beat because he is selling America out to the highest bidders no matter his sexuality. The banking industry, which has claimed more welfare from American citizen’s taxes then any group of Americans could ever hope to get from the Federal Government has a decidedly large interest in this “new” scheme of spreading the money around Let WE The People Draw The Line In The Sand In 2010. Mike Castle voted for Cap & Tax as a Congressman and he WILL vote for Cap & Tax as a Senator and Harry Reid KNOWS IT Bye, Bye, America, Hello Socialism

Reid described the current recess as a “time-out period” for the energy bill, to see if enough Senators can come together and pass it before the end of the year. He did offer a glimmer of hope on one piece that concerns environmentalists, however. Asked if the bill could still include a renewable energy standard, Reid said that two GOP Senators have expressed an interest in such a standard, and he would be talking to them next week. I know that Sam Brownback is one of those two; not sure yet on the other.”

Please read the rest of the article because not only must WE contact Brownback’s office on Tuesday WE must donate to and support Christine O’Donnell The Stakes are so High to ensure that Mike Castle is NOT the second vote nor that he EVER AGAIN will vote for legislation that enriches the banks through the pilfering of OUR pockets. The corrupt threesome of Big Government, Big Business and Big Science has literally attempted to make Americans pay for their schemes and if WE The People do not put a stop to this insanity this year it will make it extremely painful for US, OUR children and OUR grandchildren and so forth and so on. The Banks and Feds will leave this Country a WASTELAND of innovation and ingenuity and replace it with the Political Class and the rest of US.

I ask you to please if in Delaware to ignore the whaling cries of a Political Class DYING to continue on and elect Christine O’Donnell to whom much has been written except that she is anything but a Conservative.