Don't worry little babies Cuccinelli is attempting to save you...

Ken Cuccinelli has got to be the BEST AG in the United States of America. He has found a means to an end for the SLAUGHTERHOUSE that is Planned Parenthood and other abortion clinics. It seems so simple doesn’t it, to expect that those dens of murder should have to fall under the same rules and regulations as other “medical” facilities. I cannot believe with all of the Republican AG’s around the Country that this has not been applied before. Something so simple could save so many babies. With all of the medical problems that arise from the murdering of a baby one should think that they were already regulated.

“The state has long regulated outpatient surgical facilities and personnel to ensure a certain level of protection for patients. There is no reason to hold facilities providing abortion services to any lesser standard for their patients,” said Brian J. Gottstein, a spokesman for Mr. Cuccinelli.

“Even pharmacies, funeral homes and veterinary clinics are regulated by the state,” he said.

Planned Parenthood and the screeching shrews at NARAL, who btw have got to be the greatest gift to EVIL this Country and the devil have ever seen, are screaming like the banshees they are. I don’t think I could even begin to express the disgust that I personally feel towards these ghouls, as this is a family site. I am unsure how it is that women could be so sick in their souls as to support these groups. I recognize that most of the women who wholeheartedly do so are usually white old bitter bitties. I know like Justice Ginsberg they are attempting to wipe out those “other” groups who are useless to America She is a brutally, mentally ill person.

It has taken decades and many advances in ultrasound to change the opinions of Americans but slowly and assuredly WE are moving away from this barbaric practice of ending future American’s lives before they take their first breath!

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