How to make the TEA Party irrelevant in one election cycle...

I understand that the TEA Party has some Democrats (Reagan Democrats) and some Independents (Reagan Independents) in their ranks but the truth of the matter is when they divide the electorate the Nancy Pelosi voting Democrat (Alinsky Democrat) wins. The TEA Party is built upon the premise of a SMALLER FEDERAL GOVERNMENT and that is point one in this and the next few election cycles. The problem they are creating for themselves and America as a whole is they are so set in their mental limitations as to not see the bigger picture. When the TEA Party decides that a Republican Candidate who has voted FOR tax increases in a State and is handpicked by the powers that be in DC cannot be the guy they vote for EVEN THOUGH they had their shot in the primary, they have then decided that obviously the Democrat is the better choice for this Country Periello is the WORST kind of Democrat he is a Nancy Pelosi Democrat.

Whether TEA Party candidates are placing that title on the ballot or running as Independents to “show them” they are by design electing the Democrat. I cannot believe the shortsightedness of the TEA Party, as they act as if 2 years from now they will not then have a BETTER shot at that seat and will send the RINO home. I cannot believe how small minded the TEA Party has become in what is going to be a decade long fight at least to send ALL THE BUMS HOME. To “accept” the winner of the Republican primary is NOT to sell your convictions down the river, oh no, it is to accept that person will vote with the Conservative caucus in the House and Senate at least 50% of the time (the Democrat will vote with the Alinskys 100% of the time. In 2012 that person can be primaried with a TEA Party candidate (Conservative) and held to account for those other 50% of the votes that he/she stood with the Socialists on. I want to be clear here, the Democrats who are going to be left after this election cycle will be the hardcore left of the Party John Dingle is proof of Communists in the House and the more WE The People box them in and take away their power the more WE The People can move this Country FORWARD.

I cannot begin to say how disappointing it is that even in MI-01 where Dr. Dan Benishek who is as Conservative a candidate as a TEA Party could ask for there is an guy running as an Independent to split the vote Is he a plant? or is he is just stupid?. It goes to show that TEA Parties that support this Independent and TEA Parties that support ANY third party candidate are making themselves IRRELEVANT in one election cycle. I belong to my local TEA Party, I will STOP belonging to my local TEA Party if these types of small minded, ignorant, small picture people continue to DESTROY any chance of getting this House back to something resembling sanity. It is not enough to whine and cry and stamp your feet you MUST get into the only other Party that stands a chance to flip this Country back on its axis and that is the Republican Party. I believe ColdWarrior says it all the time become a Precinct Committeeperson or just vote Republican. I know you TEA Party people are supposed be about a smaller government and WE ALL know there is not a Democrat in the House or Senate or running for the House or Senate that is in anyway SMALL GOVERNMENT. They wouldn’t be a Democrat if they were.

The Alinsky loving, Socialist Democrats have ONE SHOT at keeping the House and Senate and that is TEA Party/Independent candidates splitting the votes. Whether they are really TEA Party candidates or just Democrat plants if at the end of the day on November 3rd it is shown that a TEA Party in any way, shape or fashion has helped to derail a WIN for America, they will be on November 3rd IRRELEVANT!

This is a multi-tiered expansion and it will take many election cycles to get back to a smaller government footprint. It would behoove US ALL to look into the crystal ball and keep OUR eyes on the prize, which is a Federal Government that works for WE The People and NOT the Political Class.