Well Mr. Obama didn't you say getting Obamacare through would give you a grade of better then B+...

This was your moment, wasn’t it? so you SHOVED it down OUR throats and now you say you have an incomplete? What is your problem? did not you say that if the foolish Democrats followed you off the cliff that because it was you they would be rewarded? and yet you do not even reward yourself? Incomplete? how about FAILURE.

I am quite sure you have FORGOTTEN the first lie and as all liars do you have moved on to another. I know you expected the Corrupt Media ie: the JournOlisters to not ask you about that B+ you gave yourself right before Christmas. I suspect your lapdogs will not but WE The People and most especially WE elephants NEVER FORGET! It is beyond sickening that WE will not have an expectation of you actually being called out on this but as more and more people learn of your proxy media wing of the Democrat Party vis a vis the “mainstream” media, the more they come to the internet to get the truth. There are true journalists on the internet and this article EXPOSING the journolisters is one of them a REAL journalist

No doubt publishing these never-intended-for-publication remarks is, at some level, unfair: The list members were just venting to their friends. But, of course, so were lots of other people whose off-the-cuff remarks have been blown up into national stories by journalists over the years. And efforts to covertly shape the news, hurt competitors, and influence elections (JournoList members referred to themselves as the “unofficial Obama campaign”) aren’t the sort of thing that journalist think deserve privacy the rest of the time when they’re done by people who aren’t journalists.