The Post-Racial President and the end of Government institutionalized Racism

Since the Sherry Sherrod debacle, and the Federal Government approved Racism, I have been considering what in 2010 has become of the State of Race in America. I am old enough to remember forced busing and the immediate and important results of Affirmative Action in its first decade. I remember thinking then, that it was a good idea that those who had been hurt by the system here in the greatest Country on Earth should be given a fair shot. That was in the mid-70’s. Today, 35 years later, we see the ABUSE that White Americans and especially White Men, are receiving–similar to what Black Americans once received. Historically, the Democrat Party institutionalized racism against Blacks, and now it is the Democrat Party that is institutionalizing racism against Whites. This Country is one based on the FREEDOM of all men and women, and when one race gets preference over another, then it is at the expense of someone else’s FREEDOM!

I am really amused that my Senator here in Virginia Webb actually addresses this disparity and the Maccaca winner is….

In an odd historical twist that all Americans see but few understand, many programs allow recently arrived immigrants to move ahead of similarly situated whites whose families have been in the country for generations. These programs have damaged racial harmony. And the more they have grown, the less they have actually helped African-Americans, the intended beneficiaries of affirmative action as it was originally conceived.

First off James, can I call you James? Americans DO SEE IT but few have the means to fight it. When a Government institutionalizes any behavior you will ALWAYS have a negative effect. I have children in their 20s who are fine, upstanding White men who have lived their entire lives being put upon because they are NOT another skin color. When I think back to that first heady decade after the Civil Rights Laws went into effect, never could I have imagined that I would, decades later, be writing about my own sons being discriminated against. I believe that as the Government involves itself more and more into the minutia of our everyday lives, bad, unintended consequences, are the result. The Federal Government usually attempts to correct bad consequences with more regulation, etc. however, with Race Based Policies they liked what they saw and they PILED ON!

Barack Obama may not want to have a conversation on race but by God this Country certainly does. I have watched contracts in the construction field go to Black owned and Women owned firms while White owned firms have been shut out, is that fair? HELL NO! I have watched trillions of dollars go to Race-based programs while poor White families have been shut out, is that fair? HELL NO! I submit that after 50+ years of social engineering with ALL Americans that WE The People can handle a FAIR and EQUITABLE Country without the interference of the Federal Government. I submit that if the Federal Government would just get out of the way that ALL Americans would show their TRUE COLORS and be just fine.

I wrote about Race concerns a year ago, since then the situation has deteriorated. It worsened because the NAACLP decided to help the Obama White House by calling the TEA Party Movement racist when it damn well is not. I will note that the unintended consequences of that action is the BLOWBACK of this week. I submit to you that a new day is dawning in America and that day does not include race-based politics. It will take some time to unravel the stupidity that is written into every bill with regards to race including the new Banking Bill but it will be done. It will be done with the approval of the MAJORITY of Americans. a year later, the endgame is near.