"Silence of the Lambs" or anyone who is not an Obamaphile....

I will let you decide because really anyone voting for Hillary Clinton is no lamb, nor were they Obamaphiles either We Will Not Be Silenced. You see, the ONE case that should have been prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, was not. Now we are learning there may be thousands more just like it. There appears to have been collusion among the Corrupt Media to not report it. These Hillary voters and campaign workers literally begged the media for attention and were ignored. The Corrupt Media was completely in the tank for getting Obama elected, and every American is now paying the price.

When you see a “journolist” you know the meme has been set and followed. Little old White ladies being accosted at voting booths across America, so that the “first” Black President could be elected – SHAMEFUL. Make no mistake, it will happen again in 2012, because the Obama Administration’s Justice Department will allow members of The New Black Panthers to have their billy clubs at the voting booth. What the Justice Department has wrought is an emboldened Black Panther’s Party who believe they are above the law–easy for them to believe… Susannah’s very good ongoing updates of the Black Panther case. For the Democrats who did not support Obama, and Republicans, Independents who supported the Republican candidate in the 2008 presidential election, and thought 2008 was a fluke, they will be finding out how much HATE these groups have gotten away with. In addition, their HATE has been emboldened by a friendly Justice Department that appears to be looking the other way. The only way to fight back is to go to the polls in large groups. In the 1960’s people of color faced difficulties in getting to exercise their right to vote. We may have the same scenario playing out today, only the groups being discriminated against is reversed.

In America we have always said and it is true that we are a nation of LAWS. We follow the Rule of Law. That was one of the major gifts of the Constitution. However, when a group of Black Nationalists want to kill the “crackers” (white people), the breakdown has begun. It gives rise to a real fear that the Hate Crimes Legislation passed by a Democrat Congress in 2009 Watch Out Cracker is only used against Whites.

I most certainly am not going to engage in a “you deserve it” mentality when the MAJORITY of Americans have never owned a slave, nor known someone who owned a slave. Hell, a MAJORITY of us do not even know someone who was discriminated against because of our ages. A MAJORITY of Americans have grown up in the Affirmative Action age of America. There is no such thing as payback in American Justice, there is only right and wrong. When a wrong is recognized, it is legislated out of existence. There can be no equal justice under the law when one group of Americans is treated differently then another and that goes for ALL AMERICANS no matter the color of their skin. The past is just that–the past. It cannot be erased, it cannot be made right, it can only be condemned and changed. If America cannot get past the race hustlers and this racist President who would keep their own people down with a bitter hatred that never moves the people forward, then we are truly not the best Country on earth.

I encourage all Americans to really study the history of racism and recognize that the Democrats have always been the Party that DESTROYED the Black community. I would encourage them to understand that it is Conservatism that allows the man or woman to be FREE. It is the Conservative who recognizes the past and welcomes ALL Americans to be a fruitful part of America. Heck, it is the Conservative who recognizes that it is imperative to own a weapon to protect your home and free speech Gun Rights are Equal Rights. It is the Democrat Party that promises you “free stuff” out of one side of their mouth while being in bed with Big Business.

2010 is the Conservative Revolution and 2012 is the stamp of approval on the Revolution. If you believe that FREEDOM trumps TYRANNY you will vote for Conservatives in 2010 and 2012. You will NOT fear voting to end racism in the Democrat Party. You will NOT fear voting to end the HATE that infests the Democrat Party. You WILL be part of the solution and not part of the problem.