Hey Teachers Leave Our Kids Alone...

Once again a school district is contemplating teaching children as young as 5 about sex. They intend to teach children about gay sex by the age of 6. They also intend to teach about different sexual positions by the age of 11. I think I have seen quite enough from these “progressives” to know that what WE have here are sexual predators masking themselves as educators Freaks on parade.

The Helena Public School system is considering a comprehensive plan for students in kindergarten through 12th grade. It includes teaching first graders that people can be attracted to the same gender. In second grade students are instructed to avoid gay slurs and by the time students turn 10 years old they are taught about various types of intercourse.

It really didn’t occur to me until I read this article that indeed what WE have are pedophiles in the system pushing their sickness on children while telling the parents it is needed because of children aged 11-13 having sex. That of course is not true of a majority of children but you don’t need to have facts to get your sickness on. I think quite like Saddam Hussein and son’s were sexual sadist serial killers who happened to luck out in running a Country with available victims, so to what WE have here are deviant sexual predators in the school system with the luck of making curriculum for students.

It is so much more then the government getting in between you and your child though progressives want to break down the family. This is with out a doubt a bunch of pedophiles who will get off while teaching YOUR child about sex.

It is not enough to get the progressives out of Congress WE MUST run them out of the school boards across America and TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY!