Who is the Reichsminister for Propaganda and National Enlightenment?

The past week has seen the Media Wing of the Democrat Party revealed in a way it hadn’t been. The chip in the ice came via a slug named David Weigel but the bigger story was the 400 members of the Propaganda Ministry Journolist. As a majority of Americans know that the Corrupt Media has been a mouthpiece of the Democrat Party for quite some time however the shocking amount of betrayal to the 1st Amendment is simply CRIMINAL. I could give a million examples of Propaganda by what “some” like to call the “main”stream media but I want to focus on some actions that Conservatives, upon taking back the Congress, should be investigated.

Pushing Hate

Working for the White House and the Media

Global Warming Scam

The first one is just an example of the Corrupt Media using its position to LIE about Israel and the absolute insane way they go about doing so, there are 1000’s of that example. The second is a clear example of the revolving door of “journalists” between the Democrat White House and the supposed Mainstream Media, there are hundreds of that example. The third example is how the Corrupt Media for the past 100 years have played up heating and cooling in America and pushed regulations and are now pushing extreme regulations that will DESTROY large segments of this great Country, there are hundreds of thousands of that example over the century.

There needs to be a level of professionalism within the practice of Journalism just as there is with Doctor’s or Lawyers etc. There should be especially for the Big Three who enjoy FREE airtime across the Country and by which a majority of American’s have NO CHOICE to watch because they do not have cable and or internet. If those organizations want the FREEDOM to utilize the airwaves then they must be held to account for their honesty in reporting. They cannot continue to pick and choose the stories that denigrate one political party while lifting up another to try to affect elections. There are laws to control criminality with regards to elections except for the Media Wing of the Democrat Party.

If Republicans are to terrified to take the lead in such a process then WE the American public should gather together to bring a class-action lawsuit against those Big Three for deceptive practices. The Media Wing of the Democrat Party should not be above nor excluded from the laws that govern America. If there is no law to cover this then there should be! I tire of those who say “well its always been that way”, well then its always been a problem and that problem needs to be corrected. If the Big Three have to start their program by advising the viewer that they are indeed an OPINION show then that is what they must do. The news is just that the news without someone’s opinion and yet every night the Katie Courics of the Big Three give us their opinion of that which they have decided to share with you as news.

I know that those with internet and cable are getting the CHOICE but again there are millions of Americans who do not have that choice. If the Corrupt Media is to enjoy the protection of the 1st Amendment then WE The People should enjoy the same by requiring HONESTY in reporting.

Let me be clear in that places like Media Matters that is bought and paid for by the Reichminister George Soros it is obviously set up for the left but that the National Enlightenment (ABC,CBS, NBC) pull stories from there to give as news indicates there is indeed a CRIMINAL action of collusion. This is no longer a joke nor something to be brushed aside, it has reached critical mass and must be CRUSHED! Hannity said it best when he called the media DEAD in 2008, it is long time to bury the carcass!