Grassroots gag order...

The House passed a bill this week that is now going to the Senate that does nothing more then gag WE The People of these United States. It was co-sponsored by Mike Castle (R) of Delaware and it is called the Disclose Act which by the way is only for Republicans Not very Conservative huh Mike? .

It never ceases to amaze me the level of support Republicans give to Democrats to try to maintain their own jobs while RAZING the Constitution. I see a lot of “new” members on Redstate continue to attack a woman who is doing her best to oust the USURPER because they say she cannot be elected. I suggest in this wave of Conservatism that ANYONE who is to the RIGHT of Scott Brown can and will be elected. I see a bunch of RINO’s who are not quite sick enough of the torture and twisted logic that Democrats make to gain more and more power for the State but the people are and 2010 and 2012 are about RIGHTING the ship of State.

Christine O’Donnell candidate for Senate in the great State of Delaware is asking YOU to sign up to advance the cause of Liberty and to STOP Mike Castle’s attempt at TYRANNY!

The fight is a just fight to get the Congress packed with Conservatives to WRENCH this Country back from the precipice of totalitarianism and this “law” is a another step in reduced liberty. Each and every 2000K page bill contains more and more reduced FREEDOM. It is not enough any longer to wait to see “what is in the bill” before WE act. The time is now, contact your representative in the Senate on Monday morning and tell them NO! then hit Christine’s site and donate for her to STOP Mike Castle!

Christine O’Donnell is asking you to STOP the Gag Order