60 minutes your dignity is calling you...

I know in my lifetime that 60 Minutes would take a story like this Dirty Harry and would hang a Republican high for it.

“The senator began dialing old and new friends across the country, asking for their help. Many had one thing in common: They had a financial stake in legislation that Reid, as the most powerful member of the Senate, helps control.

The fact of the matter is that Dirty Harry Reid is getting donations from people and companies that have legislation before the Congress. I know that supposedly hope and change was coming to DC because a “god” to Democrats had been elected. I know that there were immense promises that “business as usual” was only that way because Republicans were running the joint. I know that unfortunately that is and was a LIE.

I continue to see stories that 50M or 125M or some huge sum of money is being spent to get those “youth” voters back out in 2010 and thus far is failing to excite them. I believe as I said during the primaries when all of those intellectually dishonest “children” actually saw what was coming down the pike they would be disgusted. The Democrats are and always have been the Party of big business and banking. If you check each and every Democrats donations you will see that they receive so much more money from business then any 3 Republicans put together.

It is time to give the Congress back to the Republicans because it is time to INVESTIGATE the donations of Congresspeople and their ties to passed legislation. Harry Reid is the biggest criminal I have ever witnessed in my history and really with some of the Congresscritters sitting in jail that is truly saying something. There does need to be REFORM of the earmark process and the lobbying process. It does not require that all outside groups name their donors but it would definitely require that a Congressperson NOT accept lobbying money from anyone with a bill before the Congress. It is not complicated, it is common sense and it is 1st Principles.

I believe and have for some time that if the Republicans wanted the “youth” generation they need to show that they truly believe in CHANGE. When a citizen cannot get their Congress to listen to them because big money has the ear of that Congress then WE have reached TYRANNY.

WE have moved from the people’s law whereby power is dispersed among the people and never allowed to concentrate in any one person or group to a STATIST law whereby the power is now dispersed between big business and the legislatures. I know that WE have moved ourselves to this moment in time but I also know that WE CAN TAKE IT BACK! I am one of the most Jaded people I know however even I believe that DC can be changed.