So Ron Johnson would deny child RAPE victims a day in Court?....

Sexual abuse of children is the MOST heinous of crimes in a civil society.  Children like animals are filled with the pure joy of innocence and loving without condition those whose care they are placed in.  It is a damnable indictment of a person in power of a child to RIP the very soul of that child out through the unspeakable horror of sexual abuse.  These sweet and innocent children are then no longer innocent.  They are trapped in the horror of their experience for the rest of their lives, for all intents and purposes they are DEAD.  Their beautiful souls are destroyed and trust is forever broken.  It is no secret (anymore) that pedophilia Priests have created immense damage over the decades to many, many children and it is no secret they would like it all to be swept under the carpet and to not have to accept both blame and responsibility.  I believe if they truly were ashamed of these acts they would condemn in no uncertain terms the abuse.  They have chosen in many instances to just “settle” out of Court instead of having to speak the horrors in public.  I believe that public proclamation of wrong doings is the ONLY acceptable end to this long and tiring nightmare.

While there is not much known about the candidate for Senate on the Republican side in WI, Ron Johnson, there is ONE very shameful and disgusting thing that rises to the top of contemptible behavior for this Conservative.  Ron Johnson in his gig as a part of the Green Bay Diocese’s Finance Council <WHY? lobbied the legislature to stop a bill that would have allowed the length of time for a victim of sexual abuse to sue the Church and as well opened a three year window for older abuse cases.  I am sure that WE would all not want a free for all against the Church especially with people who would scam the situation however I for one believe that each child victim should have their day in Court.  There are too many children who NEVER want to speak the horror that has consumed their lives and they should have a chance to be heard when they break free.  I believe quite like murder that child sexual abuse should have NO STATUE OF LIMITATIONS.  If you don’t believe those children have been killed well you just are not being honest.

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