Obama is bailing on his "foot soldiers" which is about right!..

I received a release from the Fimian campaign who is definitely going to WHIP Connolly because VA-11 is NOT lefty heaven, it a Conservative district that unfortunately barely elected a lefty to Congress. WE intend to rectify this situation in November, however it is telling that Connolly after voting FOR every piece of Socialist legislation that Obama and Reid and Pelosi put on the table is being DUMPED by those same Socialists…

Connolly Complains Obama Thinks He’s a Loser

Fairfax, VA – Keith Fimian, Republican candidate for Congress (VA-11) issued the following statement today in response to Gerry Connolly’s recent comment that he has spilled buckets of blood for the Obama Administration:

On May 20, 2010, Connolly told the Washington Post: “Let me get this straight: If you think I can’t win, you’re not going to spend political capital on me, even though I spill buckets of blood for you? The White House can’t be [keeping] distance from people who have walked the plank for them, even when they might lose. Loyalty matters in this business.”

“There is no question Gerry Connolly is a loyal subordinate of Pelosi and Obama. Connolly is right to be concerned that he has spilled blood for the Obama and Pelosi. He has blindly followed Democratic leaders, routinely voting for policies highly unpopular with his constituents and destructive to our nation’s future,” Fimian said. “In fact, Connolly has voted with Pelosi 97 percent of the time, including for the $1.3 trillion government healthcare takeover, the $832 billion failed stimulus and the job-killing ‘cap-and-trade’ energy tax scheme, all of which are highly unpopular with Northern Virginians.”

“As is typical of career politicians, Gerry Connolly is only concerned with advancing his own political career by voting repeatedly for bad legislation solely to get into the good graces of Democratic political leaders despite the wishes of his constituents to the contrary,” Fimian said.

“With a March poll showing me already defeating Connolly 40-35 percent, he is becoming worried about his chances for re-election and is now complaining that the politicians for whom he has been nothing more than a shill—Pelosi and Obama—are already writing him off as a loser five months before Election Day. Connolly should have chosen his friends more carefully.”

What can one add to that beautiful email and by the way if other lefties in RED REGIONS think they are not going down just look at the above lefty getting thrown to the wayside. For Americans like myself who love their Country more then themselves to see people like Connolly who love themselves more go down is a pleasure that cannot truly be expressed.

Message to Gerry, there is NO LOYALTY among thieves.