Why would a guy running for Senate with an R after his name donate to a Socialist?...

There is a Senate race going on in Wisconsin and as is usually the case there are multiple candidates and as Conservatives it behooves US to check out those running. It is not enough any more to take a person at their word because the Socialist in the White House told the American people he and the Democrats in the Congress were going to stop the spending that the Republicans did while in power. They of course meant they were going to stop spending that LITTLE. So I go checking around on who is taking on Senator Feingold-Socialist-WI The voting record is secure he is a Socialist and I find a guy Terrence Wall Not looking good to this grassroots Conservative who for all intents and purposes sounds Conservative but then lo and behold he is donating to a Democrat who is a Socialist Tammy Baldwin-WI-02 now why would he do that? yep he did it, why?. He also you will note via the link donated to Gov. Jim Doyle and really one of the most DESPICABLE men to ever be in the Congress David Obey.

Now I recognize he is a business man and was probably trying to get some “skin in the game” but this businessman was trying to make money off the backs of hardworking citizens for a project to bring high speed rail to WI which wasn’t wanted nor was necessary 2007 he is ALL IN on the project and I am sure he needed Congressional people from his district to be in on the project. The problem lies in that this guy is now AGAINST that same rail because the citizenry is AGAINST it! what a FLIP-FLOP . These are exactly the type of people who will get to DC and spend and spend and spend because that is what they expected DC to do before they decided to go and grab the power themselves. They are exactly the type of people that WE must ensure do not get to DC to do what they would have done in private life to the citizenry with the full weight and power of the Congress.

We truly need CITIZEN SOLDIERS in Congress who recognize that the roll of government and the spending thereof is quite limited in the Constitution and who will work to bring about true CHANGE to DC. I suggest that the person for this State would be David Westlake . I have heard from the GRASSROOTS that he is the man of great character and Conservatism and that is exactly what we are looking for. Suffice it to say that it not going to be easy to unseat Feingold but it is absolutely necessary that these Socialists and I don’t mince words because they are indeed Socialists MUST be dethroned to regain the very Country WE SO LOVE!

I implore the people of Wisconsin as I do of every American in every State to please, educate yourself and know where these politicians stand on the issue’s that are of utmost importance to you. You can no longer stand astride and watch this Country become Europe because America is so much better then that. Each generation is called to action for a reason and OUR call is to restore America to the greatness that the Democrats are stripping her of. I am a free-market girl but to me the free-market does NOT include getting rich off the backs of Americans through their tax dollars.

Here is his Facebook page which I encourage you all to follow to keep up on this great candidate You know you want to follow him