GOTV - in PA the unions are gearing up to manipulate the populace....

WE should do something about that They need to STOP our momentum going into November, do not let them . Those in that district and WE around the Country should make phone calls Those people are Conservative by nature and WE need to remind them of that WE can donate Money is needed to take this seat but most of all WE can pray because it is no small feat to take this seat when the same people who shoveled donations to Murtha are doing so for Burns opposition. These people have bought and paid for that district in droves and they are loathe to see all of those years of CORRUPTION just go down the tubes. There is no doubt that the Democrat is a Nancy Pelosi voting traitor to the American dream and American way of life, they are moving to make America in the image of their Socialistic leader Alinsky but WE CAN FIGHT BACK! This is not hyperbole these are the facts and if WE can rattle the Democrats who come from RED districts who want to keep their jobs WE can make it the next 6 months until November. I guarantee you if Burns loses the Democrats in the Congress will be energized and rightly so, this seat just as HI’s seat Democrats are spooked in HI is important in the psychological sense as much as it is about electing a Conservative.

I know in January of 09 that almost 50 million Americans kept being told that Democrats were going to have it all for decades to come and yet here WE are less then two years later on the precipice of telling the Democrats that they have lost their way and that WE ARE NOT ALL SOCIALISTS NOW! Organizing for America by the way is gearing up along with the unions these Socialists are not going to cede an inch, WE will have to FIGHT FOR IT and if that is reason enough for you get involved, no reason will be. These people are playing for keeps and WE are not playing at all, WE just want to bring about the America that is reliant on herself and not the Government.

There is a Conservative Revolution coming are you ready? will you work to make that happen? LETS ROLL!