Palin and the politics of Conservative Candidates....

There is a reason that Sarah Palin receives large audiences and followers around the Country and it is because of her continued defense of Conservatism. I had been extremely unhappy with her “politics” surrounding John McCain but understand her desire to be a friend to the man that took her “mainstream”. That Conservatives around the Country want her to be on their side suggests that Sarah has a bead on what will bring America back to that “shining city on a hill”.

It is no small feat to upstage in the Corrupt Media Obama and his minions but Sarah Palin does it DAILY. Sarah talks about what WE all know to be self truths, that America was built upon the notion of Limited Government and Liberty and those two standards are in SHARP DECLINE and failing faster then at any other point in OUR history.

Sarah went to Michigan today on a day that is being celebrated by leftists as Communism Day or May Day which is antithetical to American Values and she thanked those in MI for clinging to their guns and their God because she knows as WE all know those two items are all that stand between an out of control Federal Government and TYRANNY The long suffering Michiganders are ready as WE are for the Conservative Revolution .

There are so many seats to be won in MI as there are in many states including my own VA-11 by Conservatives but the one seat that stands out to me as one of the most necessary due to the LIES told by the retiring holder of that seat for 18 years while Michigan’s standard of FREEDOM slipped away year after year would be Stupaks seat. I would like you all to look at a man who I have been following since Stupak voted for that final nail in the coffin of FREEDOM for all Americans, Obamacare! Dan Benishek He was there from the moment of betrayal because like WE The People he recognized the horror of the tyranny of Socialism and for that he is the man for the seat. There is another person who just “happened” to decide after the fact that he would like the seat and is lo and behold a SEIU acolyte and a carpetbagger who would be another vote for the same old DESTRUCTIVE policies that put MI and the rest of the Country into this horrid state of businesses to big to fail and a government to big to get out of the way, EPU gave an exhaustive diary on the inner workings of Allen and the UNIONs backing of him .

The people of Michigan deserve better and WE The People of these United States of America deserve better. There comes a time in each generation that a FIGHT for Liberty is required and November 2nd, 2010 is OUR time. WE are called to action and I believe WE are ready for the Conservative Revolution and Dan Benishek is one of those men who is heeding the call, let US help him to get there and make a STATEMENT that Michigan is on the path to revival and will not fall to the Socialists who have tried to kill her thus far.

Conservative Revolution 2010 is calling all FREEDOM loving Americans to her, will WE answer the call? I say YES WE CAN…LOL!

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