The crimes that politicians do and how it feeds down to the populace.

I was checking out all the news around the net this morning when three items caught my attention and to me they feed one another. The first one that caught my eye was not a politician but ILLEGALS and the argument I consistently make is that once you get away with something you will continue to slide further into illegal activity doing other jobs Americans won’t do…because they are ILLEGAL

“It is believed Bodden was filing income tax returns from her mobile home, primarily tax returns for illegal immigrants, and claiming the first-time home buyers tax credit of $8,000. If someone is using a Social Security number and paid taxes through an employer, income tax returns can be filed. This was a very organized and elaborate tax fraud scheme,” Entrekin said. Records to confirm about $200,000 in tax refunds were discovered.

The Democrats are working overtime to get these illegal to be legalized so they can then vote for the criminals in the Democrat Party. People who do illegal deeds not only do them because of the potential for profit but the rush they get when they get away with it and when they get away with one they will continue to push the envelope to get away with more. Illegals are working here for wages an American won’t take and legally under the laws of mandatory minimum wage shouldn’t have to take. That these illegals not only stole jobs from Americans but then stole money from those same Americans taxes is beyond reproach.

The second story is one of ILLEGALITY in the face of charities, that Katrina all of these years later is being used to take money and in this case keep it is insane and shows how the Democrat Party wanting to grow their ranks via illegals as well keeps it’s ranks filled with people who are so dependent on the government for their ability to live that 5 years later they are still begging for help. The shameful part of this story is it reminds me that Mississippi who took the full brunt of that storm is NEVER heard about in stories and that is because they are a Conservative state who took what government aid was offered and remade their lives and haven’t spent the last few years begging for more.

Charities are not always what they seem sometimes they just line a politicians pockets

“It’s the Big Sleazy.

Devastated Hurricane Katrina survivors from New Orleans were left high and dry by a charity set up to help them by state Sen. Malcolm Smith and Rep. Gregory Meeks of Queens.

Only $1,392 of at least $31,000 raised to help Katrina families was paid, tax records show, and just about everybody involved with the charity — including the two Democratic pols — claim ignorance as to where the rest of the money went.”

How is it that a newspaper is carrying a story of two Democrats and the only answer is ignorance as to where the money is. These two Democrats ought to be hauled into jail for STEALING from well meaning Americans just as those in the story prior, because whether your illegally here in America stealing or home grown stealing it is apparent that ALL should be sitting in a jail cell.

The third story comes from the slimiest city of political thievery of all….you know which one that is…..it is the city that our President and all of his men hail from…that’s right…..Chicago!

How things work in Obama’s and the machines Chicago

“A 51-year-old businessman from Naperville was formally charged Tuesday with offering bribes to Chicago Ald. Ike Carothers. Carothers, who pleaded guilty to fraud charges Monday and promptly tendered his resignation, said in his plea deal that the businessman, Wafeek “Wally” Aiyash, paid him $40,000 in bribes in exchange for help on developments in Carothers’ 29th ward. Aiyash’s attorney would not comment.

But Aiyash was charged in what is called a criminal information, rather than an indictment, which usually means the defendant will plead guilty. In previous court documents, Aiyash was accused of offering $100,000 in cash bribes to Carothers if he would help secure concessions contracts at O’Hare and Midway airports.”

The weaving tale throughout the stories is one word Democrats because if they had their way the people in the first story would be here legally voting for them so that they could continue with their criminal enterprise (they call them welfare programs I call them vote buyin) and the second story shows how Democrats work hard at keeping people down and dependent on the government to vote for them and the huge amounts of money WE The People are paying for programs to buy those votes. Finally the third story brings it all full circle because one thing that WE all know about Democrats is that they love to hustle for cash and use that cash for their next vote and WE have the unfortunate luck to have a Chicago political machine as President and WE are stuck for the next 3 years with him. With Democrats any means necessary is their mantra and the ultimate goal is complete dependency so that they have the POWER to control all of our lives. It is the socialistic goal of Obama and the Democrat Party to have decades of power to infect our lives and it is the goal of Conservatives to END their reign. I believe Americans have seen the light and the reign will end in 2010!

It is a sad state of affairs WE find ourselves in today because Democrats were voted in because of unbelievable Republican spending and yet the unprecedented spending by Democrats is 4X the amount that was ever sent to President Bush to sign. That Democrats couldn’t see that Americans voted for them because they promised less spending (they actually ran as Conservatives) and that they are not reading the public’s disgust with them is just amazing. I predict 80+ seats will flip to Republicans in November as the public tries once again to RIGHT the ship of spending before it keels over and the warning to those Republicans is quite simple STOP SPENDING. If Americans can tighten their belts and not buy nice things for themselves then the government can STOP buying votes from different constituencies and make the hard choices that are necessary in times of trouble. It is what WE The People expect and it is what WE will DEMAND!