Rumors swirling that Governor Patterson Democrat of New York to resign...UPDATE....

I am sure Democrats will be happy but Republicans will be thrilled because the commercials write themselves about the peccadillo’s of Democrats when they enter office. The fact of the matter is that they don’t CARE about the citizens they care about the power of the office and the women they can then screw with their title. The state of New York is floundering and on the edge of the cliff of being bankrupt while Democrats continue to TAX and TAX and TAX its citizens for their own enjoyment. I look forward to a fantastic 2010 electorally around the country but to regain BLUE states for the betterment of their citizens makes me all the more hopeful for the future of our country.

Democrats they are the party of narcissism


Washington Times is reporting that Democrat Governor Patterson is denying the rumors of his resignation….I guess we shall all see.

The story coming out tomorrow will be interesting

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