Obama and Kevin Jennings would be so proud...

IF WE allow the sickness that is the leftist ideology to continue out in the light of day these events will be come commonplace. WE have the power let us STOP THIS and WE SHOULD. It is because of people like Kevin Jennings and his group GLSN that we are constantly finding that “teachers” are not just teaching sexual promiscuity but are down right promoting and encouraging this type of behavior and it cannot stand!


“Bergman said when Price was introduced, she asked that the school’s principal leave the room. Most of the teachers remained, but they did not step in when Price’s speech turned inappropriate, Bergman said.

“Somehow she got some story that she heard that students were having sex on campus and went into a speech about sexual type things,” Bergman said. “There was no motivational speech at all.”

The speech reportedly turned graphic and included instructions on how to perform oral and anal sex and included several curse words, Bergman said.

Students apparently were told to keep the contents of the speech secret, Bergman said.”

It is not just that the material was so EXTREMELY OFFENSIVE it is that they asked those children to then keep “a secret”. This is child abuse, it is exactly what predators do to children when they are grooming them to be molested and that is what Shirley Price should be CHARGED with. I still sit in shock when I realize that there is in the Obama Administration a person just like Shirley Price and that he has been given the moniker “safe school czar” I don’t feel our children are safe at all when the reality is that people who do these HORRIBLE things such as Shirley and Kevin are truly the new millenniums child abusers.

I am just bereft of thought as to how WE allowed ourselves in this country to descend to such a state of depravity in our society. It is shameful that WE The People have allowed this man to stay and I recognize that WE have been busy FIGHTING AGAINST obamacare however this is once again a rallying cry to our legislators and the American public to FOCUS and ensure that Kevin Jennings is FIRED and his minions in the likes of Shirley Price are treated as pariahs and NOT allowed to flourish in our beautiful country.