President Bush deserves our respect, not our betrayal.

Now I know you all probably thought to yourself “that’s JadedByPolitics and she loves President Bush so of course she would say that”, you are correct, however that title comes from Jeffrey Scott Shapiro and he was an attorney for John Francois Kerry during the 2004 election. Why would this man say that? because unless you are an Olbermann or Maddow or Matthews or Reid or Pelosi or Obama you would know that it is TRUE. It is exactly the betrayal of President Bush why WE 48% who did not vote for Obama will treat him as our President was treated, well except on matters of National Security.

The article that he wrote for FOX is quite interesting in that it addresses the bombardment of hate that emanated from a large swath of Americans. I remember quite clearly a few weeks into the Iraq engagement when an Australian General remarked how the take down of the Republican Guard and all of Hussien’s military would end up in history books as a gold standard for war. President Bush enjoyed poll numbers in the mid 60’s when Baghdad Bob was finally removed from the top of the Presidential Palace, it was the last moment of UNITY that President Bush had. What occurred next of course was the 2004 election for President and the ramp up for which Democrat would get the anti-war vote. I can directly relate the PURE HATE for President Bush to that moment. The State Run Media along with Democrats the same Democrats who VOTED FOR THE WAR decided they no longer were in support of that war, hell they had a liberal to get elected. Code Pink and their band of progressives along with Cindy Sheehan created an atmosphere of BETRAYAL all around our President. The leftist media was the most egregious because they had the attention of the public. They created the perception of a stupid, neo-con who loved nothing more then war. WE have NOT done that to their President when he decided to up the ante for the war in Afghanistan. WE are Patriots they are TRAITORS.

I would tell Jeffrey Scott Shapiro that this is too little and WAY TOO LATE! I will note he tried to make Americans understand this in the WSJ in 2008 The Treatment of Bush . I cannot even begin to express how angry I still am at those who divided a nation against a President who saw that being on offense was the way to WIN against AQ. President Bush along with his Generals recognized a strategy to pick a battlefield that WE could WIN ON! It is not as if Saddam Hussein did not have it coming as the man ignored the UN Resolutions and had the WORLD believing he had Nuclear Weapons and he consistently fired on our military jets that were in the Northern and Southern no fly zones . The Democrats in Congress and most notably Hillary Clinton whose husband used Iraq for dart practice when a news story about his peccadilloes was getting ready to break ASSURED us all that he had nukes. The Democrats MADE the case for war more loudly and more assuredly then President Bush and Vice President Cheney did.

I will note for the arrogant, narcissistic President today who is enjoying support from the RIGHT and his LEFTIST followers that I take umbrage and I just shake my head and wish President Bush a quiet and enjoyable retirement and I pray he knows that those of us who understood the why and how of his “chess” move very much APPRECIATE and RESPECT him keeping us and our families safe for 7 years after our Country was attacked without provocation.

Those who divided a nation should NEVER be elected President and yet Obama is today

“As Obama continues to make decisions that mirror the Bush doctrine, it is becoming apparent that the former president was not ignorant or irrational in his foreign policy decisions despite the harsh criticism and disloyalty he endured. He was in fact, ahead of his time, a visionary who understood politics and warfare in the modern age of terrorism.

That is why Obama is now following his lead.

It should be obvious now, even to Obama’s most passionate supporters that shielding the free world requires more than mere words like “hope” and “change.” Bush’s detractors should be embarrassed having arrogantly thought they could do it better, and those Republicans who abandoned Bush when he needed them most should take a moment to reflect on their fortitude or lack thereof.

Americans who chastised President Bush for removing Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq should apologize and show him the same respect they are now showing President Obama as he neutralizes the Taliban in Afghanistan.

George W. Bush seemed to have an almost mystical understanding of what the American people needed when we needed it most. He reminded all of us of why we should be proud to be Americans at a time when there was a whisper that we brought the Sept. 11 attacks upon ourselves for promoting democracy abroad.

President Bush deserves our respect, not our betrayal.”