Patriots listen up there is another opportunity to have DC hear US....

It appears there is an open seat for Florida’s District 19 and that seat at one time belonged to one of the BIGGEST progressives in the House of Representatives just look at the link and the minute you see his face you will know who he is He was there for 7 terms seems like a good time for a Conservative to have at it. So in the spirit of Revolution let me introduce you to Edward Lynch ONE MORE TIME .

WE saw what made the difference in the MA race was money and so while I know a lot of you are strapped please give something to a Patriot who speaks about the Constitution! He will need more then that of course and WE can make those calls and encourage those Florida voters to continue the march back to LIBERTY! I would hope that bloggers can gather together in the same spirit and help move along information on a money bomb on 1/25 which is next Monday which will give him the big money in the final week of the election which WE all know is when most voters make up their minds. I suspect in the next couple of weeks the Democrats in DC can do so much more to get every American who is not a progressive angry enough to give the Republican candidate a shot at STOPPING THE MADNESS 🙂