When your base of support thinks you are LIBERAL you have problems if you are a Republican...

According to Rasmussen 75% of Republicans say that the Republicans in Congress have lost touch with their voters NOT a shocker .

“A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 75% of Republicans voters still believe Republicans in Congress have lost touch with GOP voters throughout the nation over the past several years. Just 21% of GOP voters think their legislators have done a good job representing party values.

Fifty-four percent (54%) of GOP voters say the average Republican congressman is more liberal than they are, while 23% say their views are about the same. Just 20% believe the average GOP representative in Congress is more conservative than the average Republican voter. ”

The 20% who think that the Representatives in Congress are MORE Conservative in the above commentary are most obviously the same people who call themselves Republicans instead of Conservatives. I don’t understand how those 20% keep DESTROYING our party and why WE allow them to. Is it that those 20% are the most narcissistic? and like sheep WE are drawn to the biggest braying mouth? There must be an answer because WE keep doing it over and over again. Michael Steele talked about 12 Steps to Recovery Some of them might work who knows with Michael Steele however it is not necessarily his 12 steps but there is definitely RECOVERY needed in the base of the Republican Party. Like addicts WE have allowed these idiots to betray us and walk over us and degrade us and kept coming back for more.

This year should just be your standard 20-30 seat turnover in the House but We The People have decided it is going to be a BLOWOUT. The Republican Party is the natural beneficiary of this goodwill however when those who vote Republican think you are more LIBERAL then they are well it it not necessarily those who have the office now who will benefit. The Conservatives who are running and CHALLENGING Republicans in the primaries are going to be the beneficiaries.

How did WE get to this moment? Republicans came into power for the 1st time in decades in 1994 with much goodwill and every opportunity to be DIFFERENT…..they BLEW IT! The next decade saw times of more opportunities and more goodwill and more TRUST and what did they do? they BLEW IT! This time it’s going to be different. There is not going to be a Republican Revolution in 2010 there is going to be a Conservative Revolution in 2010. The difference is the LIBERAL Republicans will NOT have the power because they will be outnumbered by Conservatives. I strongly encourage everyone to find that Conservative candidate in your neck of the woods and get to work helping them to WIN. That might encompass a primary first where they will have to DESTROY the person already with an R behind their name and then against the D or as in my case in VA-11 a straight up run against a LEFTIST.

It is our DUTY as citizen’s of the best country on the entire planet to ensure that for the 1st time in American history the House of Representative is a collection of Conservative SMALL GOVERNMENT politicians and NOT a bunch of liberal, spread the wealth, psychic vampires who live to drain the life’s blood out of it’s citizens. WE have no choice because our country is BROKE! It needs to be put back together and the only way WE can do something about it is by going to the ballot box. If the House has just a bunch of Republicans the like of the one’s prior it will NEVER CHANGE. They too like to be progressive and think that government is the answer but they want to create different programs to spend our money then Democrats. WE need those who KNOW that the government is the PROBLEM and needs to get out of the way of Americans who prove time and again their resiliency.

2010 Principles before Party~