Erick Erickson and the NEW Republican Party....

WOW it is absolutely incredibly amazing the extent to which Erick Erickson has become a MEDIA SUPERSTAR for Conservatism (not Republicanism) and how very fortunate WE are to have him. I had just jumped from here checking out Erick’s, Colbert Repor JUST WOW how kewl is this 🙂 and then headed over to Instapundit who led me to another article written about Erick on tampabay.com. I was gobsmacked, seriously, I am quite used to and accustomed to seeing Erick with Hannity but he has really become the media darling and just so we are clear THAT IS GREAT!!! The more Erick gets out OUR message the more afraid the National GOP becomes because Erick is making them and their old get along agenda small and petty and he is FORCING them to man up! So Mr. Erickson what’s next? the cover of the Enquirer..heh

Quote from the link….AWESOME 🙂

“”He knows everybody,” said an admiring Tucker Carlson, the Fox News commentator who is about to unveil his own conservative site, DailyCaller.com. “If you measure influence by the amount of damage he can do, he has a lot.”

This Conservative Revolution is NOT going to happen with us sitting behind our computers but getting out and being heard and if you cannot devote additional time to WRENCHING THE PARTY TO THE RIGHT then at least make the effort to visit your Senators & Congresscritters because no matter what they are STILL your employee and they need to know where you stand. Not everyone can be a committeeman but everyone can do something. You can phone bank and knock on doors in your neighborhoods and of course the most important thing is money DIRECTLY to the Conservative Candidate. It is my DREAM really to make the National Organization irrelevant and GASPING for air by the end of 2010. I am quite old enough to remember the “silent majority” coming alive for Reagan and then Newt but this time is different because the “silent majority” has GROWN and it encompasses so MANY more people. The fact is that 43% of Americans self-identify as CONSERVATIVE and ONLY 21% identify as Republican. Those numbers should indicate a Republican House, Senate and White House but THEY DO NOT! They don’t because the Conservatives could not allow those 21% of LIBERAL, PROGRESSIVE Republicans to DESTROY the brand and leave them with NOTHING. 2010 is the Year of the Conservative and WE are marching on DC to bring sanity and SMALL GOVERNMENT back to Washington!

Principles before Party will be the MANTRA of the RIGHT!