Democrats and their Obamacare create Healthcare for the weathy...

It is not really a surprise that for every action there is a reaction however with Healthcare we come to find that the reaction to enforced Government run healthcare is for the BEST hospitals and clinics to accept ONLY cash and to REFUSE Government money No Mayo on that Government baloney sandwich .

I grew up in a time when families paid their doctor with CASH, heck I don’t remember my family ever having “healthcare” WE had a family doctor and he cost us $25.00 to visit him and WE visited him when WE were DEATHLY ill not for cuts and fevers and WE lived quite comfortably that way. In the near future WE are going to be visited by a program set forth by Democrats that DEMAND that We The People purchase from their CHOSEN friends and benefactors who sell “health” insurance all Nelson’s FRIENDS and the benefits envisioned will make the ability to see your doctor for that paltry little $20 or $30 co-pay will be history because the doctor’s will be accepting ONLY cash if they are as good as the Mayo Clinic! I don’t believe people are aware that a doctor visit is around $125.00 in REALITY but they are about to find that out! WE will NOT benefit from this atrocious bill hell it will KILL our discretionary spending because WE will be paying for BETTER care with CASH! The only “people” to benefit will be the Federal Government in the end because of the enormous amount of taxes in the bill. I laughed at first when The Idiot stated that the Federal Government would go bankrupt if this bill did not pass however in hindsight this is TRUE because there are a 1/2 TRILLION dollars in NEW taxes in that bill that the government NEEDS!!!! There is nothing in there about “the people” it’s all about PAY-OFFS and BRIBES.

We The People of the United States of America are about to be FLEECED in a way not seen since the spread the wealth days of the New Deal of FDR Democrats ALWAYS trying to DESTROY Lady Liberty but while those numbered in the billions WE have ADVANCED to the TRILLIONS. This is truly a redistribution of wealth however it will be ONLY the wealthy who will have the VERY BEST OF CARE in the age of progressivism!