Does the National G.O.P. recognize who the TEA Party people are?..UPDATED Poll.

Another day another poll however this poll shows that 4 in 10 respondents have a very or somewhat favorable opinion of the TEA Party Movement The same 40% who self identify as Conservatives in EVERY poll of course it is true that those who identify with the TEA Party Movement have ALWAYS been Republicans and yet those 21% who self identify as Republicans continue to dismiss the 40%.

WE are constantly told to shut up and get in line because WE have to be a “big” tent party and yet the tide has turned and it is now our TURN to tell to you that WE are a BIG TENT but its your turn to LISTEN TO US!  You have worked diligently with the Democrats for decades and AGAINST your base but in this new day of the internet and multiple news sources you CANNOT get away with your smaller progressive agenda any longer.  To Conservatives some of you looked and acted as if you were JFK Democrats while the Democrats moved farther and farther to the hardcore LEFT of their color wheel.

WE can work together however you MUST now work with US on Conservative SMALL GOVERNMENT ideals and get away from the PORK and the monetary policies that have benefited not only yourselves which is a travesty but has benefited your family and your friends and the LEECHES that attach themselves to every party in hopes of making BILLIONS off the backs of hardworking Americans.  This MUST STOP and FISCAL restraint MUST become the BACKBONE of the Republican Party.  You can win and you can have MANY, MANY years of a majority IF you just learn the lessons of the past and take a step back in time to Reagan Conservative Principles and BTW you can find out what those are by accessing the Heritage Foundations archives and LISTEN and put into practice that which you HEAR!

Updated with the Battleground Poll information as provided by American Thinker..

WE have grown by 2% points to encompass 63% of the American Public who call themselves somewhat or VERY Conservative

“On December 16, 2009, Battleground released its latest poll. In this poll, 63% of the American people described themselves as “very conservative” or “somewhat conservative.” The rest of America – not just liberals, but moderates and people who were unsure about their ideology or chose not to respond to that question, totaled, collectively, only 37% of America. A measly one percent of Americans called themselves moderates; 25% of Americans called themselves “somewhat liberal,” and 8% of Americans called themselves “very liberal.”

Once again I say to the GOP Do you RECOGNIZE the TEA Party Movement? the answer is YOU SHOULD because they are and have ALWAYS been members of the Republican Party. The bottom line for the political insiders is this….IF you want to get back to YOUR Conservative values WE will welcome you back with open arms, money, boots on the ground and a MAJORITY in both Houses of Congress for decades to come. The exact opposite is true for Democrats because Americans have seen them for one year and are REJECTING them in one year. WE the American public want BOLD differences no PALE pastels and I am here to ask you all to JOIN US!

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