An opportunity and the RIGHT thing to do....

WE have all heard how Obama and his Democrats who LOVE the unions and by LOVING them more then “the children” have thrown 3,000 families in DC to the proverbial curb. These children have worked very hard and earned the RIGHT to be in these non-public schools and this is their TRUE opportunity to “get out”. If Republicans want to show that they are TRULY the party of the middle class and the party that understands the problems that families face at that darn “kitchen” table then this is an opportunity to put that into action.

Let us start an education fund

I want these kids to continue with their superior education because they are the future and I also want them to understand that Conservatives who recognize the value of a REAL EDUCATION and NOT unionized education gave them this hand-up……WE don’t do HAND OUTS 🙂

I never know how to get something like this started which is why I chose to throw this diary out there for suggestions. I mostly am hoping that an Erick Erickson might have an opportunity to challenge some within the GOP to take up this cause. WE all give $20 or $50 etc for MANY causes and this is to my mind a clear NEED because these kids have been kept out of trouble in their neighborhoods with this opportunity and to throw them back into those public schools would be CRIMINAL!

As Conservatives WE recognize the FAILURE of the public school system and by helping a few thousand children to better themselves thereby bettering those they come in to contact with now and in the future will create the opportunity for the real lesson in life…..Democrats are beholden to the unions and you dear children MEAN NOTHING!