Who are the racists?...Is this the dream?

It appears some in the “social justice” arena want to take people on a tour through gangland. I have to say the very FIRST thing that popped in my head was “these people are animals?”. There would be no doubt that there are ANIMALS within the neighborhood however the majority are indeed just humans trying to get out and make a better life for themselves. To have a TOUR of the neighborhoods to “show” the blight and the despair is really to show liberalism in all its FAILURES. I don’t live in the city any longer I grew up in the city and it is where one wants to escape from unless of course you live in the RICH neighborhoods. The politicians of the cities live in those neighborhoods while they continue to pass legislation that KILLS the dreams of those in the city.

They are humans NOT animals in a Zoo

They vote to keep their standard of living exactly the same they NEVER vote for the betterment of their existence. It really isn’t until people move into the suburbs that they realize how truly bad the city is. The inner city being 10X worse. The despair of public housing and its 15 stories with wire to keep you from falling down which placed people in CAGES which was the first slide into making them ANIMALS who only vote for Democrats. The 90’s brought about the destruction of the majority of those buildings however they turned around and gave the new townhomes to the same government addled humans. They destroyed them within years. If the government, both local and federal do NOTHING to encourage ones own sustainability then those people NEVER have the moral clarity to get up and do for themselves. It is the Federal Government and LIBERALS who have destroyed the very fabric of family and self sufficiency that continues to dog those who live in the inner cities. The fact that those very same politico’s would now give bus tours to view the “ANIMALS” that live within shows their very CONTEMPT for those human beings.

It is beyond my comprehension to understand WHY these people stay chained to the very plantation owner who continues to DEGRADE and DE-HUMANIZE them but they do. It will only change when they truly get SICK of being SICK and make the change to a better life for not only themselves but for the future generations who will come behind them.