Lord Monckton is a brilliant man and he is RIGHT...

It appears that Lord Monckton has called for the U.N. to be SHUT DOWN and the perpetrators of the Global Warming SCAM be arrested and criminally prosecuted….I agree.

Their LIES would destroy Western Civilization

“Monckton said that those who are threatening to shut down economies, bankrupt nations, and deepen the problems of the third world by implementing draconian policies in the name of global warming should be indicted, prosecuted and imprisoned “for a very long time”. We could not agree more.”

I having grown up in the 70’s remember quite well that the world was going to FREEZE us to death and of course I remember that Oil would be GONE by the mid 80’s and now in my 40’s it is quite apparent that WE ALL were being SCAMMED then and WE are being SCAMMED today. There are always going to be SCAMMERS in our lifetime but to have it get to this moment in time at this level of seriousness as to DESTROY our very existence over LIES does call for extremely serious RETRIBUTION to those who continued the LIES knowing full well what they were doing. I will never buy that they were misguided and only wanted what was best because the reality is that WE humans ALWAYS rise to the challenges that are placed before us and WE do so vis a vis the FREE MARKET.

It is beyond shameful the level of hypocrisy that has been thrown at us. WE love this world as much as those TOOLS do and WE are willing to do that which is called upon to keep it clean however WE will not be shamed and have our children TERRIFIED to do so by OUT AND OUT LIES, LIES, LIES!!!!

It was obvious when Enron came up with the carbon trading scheme in the 90’s that WE were being taken but when they were found to be CRIMINALS it should have died but no the Rev Al Gore and his church of Global Warming acolytes decided they were going to CASH IN on this very lucrative scheme and thus WE had Global Climate Change which encompassed EVERY type of weather abnormality. They needed to change the wording because they found out our EARTH was no longer WARMING it was COOLING and so the LIES now became deleted data and made up figures into a computer model to get the Climate Change they WANTED not what was TRUE!

I personally am one person who would like to see them ALL BURN IN HELL which would be appropriate for their EVIL plans to enrich themselves on the hard work of the human race…..SHAME ON THEM!

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