Government Panel decides on the very 1st rationing for women...

Sarah Palin WARNED of “death” panels but it actually is “dying” panels. A Government Panel has decided that women from the age of 40-50 NO LONGER need mammograms I don’t see the REVIEW on a Man’s early detection test

I certainly don’t want either men or women being DENIED an early detection test by health insurance companies based on a Government panels suggestion and yet the VERY FIRST ONE is on a woman’s health test. I not being a doctor nor pretending to be one I really don’t know whether or not mammograms catch cancer early between 40 and 50 but what I do know is that breast cancer rates have went down since those tests have been given Its the tests STUPID

This Governmental Panel as well has decided that your grandmother doesn’t NEED to be tested either as they are going after women after age 74 as well. I think we all know that the bottom line of this “governmental panels” suggestion is that these tests WILL NOT BE PAID FOR. If we can afford them as an extra well we might be the lucky one to have it found early and if you are poor and cannot well you have just reached Sarah Palin’s DEATH PANEL!

I as a woman have known that for the bulk of scientific history that men and their diseases have been the most studied and of course from those studies spring forth medicine for those diseases. It wasn’t until the mid-90’s that scientific studies for women caught up and women have been increasingly benefiting from those studies. I cannot believe as a woman in her 40’s that the very 1st Governmental suggestion comes out AGAINST a test that HAS WORKED to lower the risk of dying from breast cancer. I don’t think it is going out on a limb to say that this President and all his men are looking for ways to beat back the costs of what will be government run healthcare. I don’t think it is going out on a limb to say that women will be the first group to be thrown to the wolves in Obamacare and if WE don’t stand up and SAY NO to it we will suffer because of it!

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