I do believe that President Bush is quite sorely missed...

A lefty blog that “bought” into the leftist media’s meme that President Bush was stupid and evil has had a come to Jesus moment. That Obama could in ONE year get those with a D after their name to DESPISE him is absolutely crazy and wonderful all at the same time.

WE already knew this

I myself had my problems with President Bush and they were ALL related to spending however I ALWAYS knew he LOVED America and he would do everything in his power to keep us safe. He did! We now live in the age of Obama who is an appeaser and Pelosi and Reid holding the reigns in the Senate and Congress are appeasers as well. The spending by The Won is definitely much, much more hyper then anything President Bush did but it is our position in the War on Radical Islam and the defensive instead of offensive position that is my biggest worry. I will never forget when President Bush promised that WE would NEVER AGAIN be on defense and unfortunately that is a promise who could not keep due to term limits. It is not as if I would want to extend those limits I just always ASSUMED that the President of the United States of America would love her more then he would love himself. I was wrong!

So anyway go on over and look at the comments because it is interesting to see how many REALLY miss President Bush and how many REALLY don’t like The Won very much at all.

Let us be clear about who the ENEMY is for Americans at this moment in time of our history. It is the leftist media and their LIES and DISTORTIONS. WE Americans will win when the leftists exit the media building.

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