Round one.....WE are on the ropes.....KNOCKOUT is coming to the Democrats!

I went down to DC because I was called to action by Congressman King
Real American Hero because he needed me and ALL of us to help SAVE our country from the horror that is government run healthcare. It is not lightly that I FIGHT my elected officials as a matter of fact other then the ballot box I had never been moved to actively FIGHT until illegal immigration came to the fore. The illegal immigration debate not only had me fighting the government but fighting my own party and guess what? That party LISTENED when Americans said NO! The difference in these parties for anyone who ever questions the two is their ability to LISTEN to We The People of the United States of America.

The over 2000 page “healthcare” bill is going to be passed tonight and it will be passed because Democrats who claim “bluedog” status are really just LIARS! They told Republican voters who are not the Religious Right that if you voted for them they would hold the line on spending and yet they have VOTED for EVERY spending bill that Pelosi and put before them….they LIED.

I cannot fathom what they are thinking when they know that this YES vote is going to KILL their careers other then they are more ideologically LEFT then their constituents realized. They know that their YES might gain them favor with the LEFTIST leadership in the House but will gain them disfavor with their Constituents and they will be sent packing in the CONSERVATIVE Revolution of 2010 but they have no REAL values and so they will do the wrong thing.

I always enjoy my time with fellow Americans fighting the government who is attempting to run roughshod over 300 million Americans and would do it every day if I could. I believe that a total of about 1,000 people showed up in the end which is pretty darn good for one day’s notice and according to Rep King they could HEAR US inside 🙂 I hope that is true. I hold no illusions about this vote because Pelosi would not bring it to the floor if she believed for one moment she did not have the votes because she is nothing if not VAIN to the point of EVIL as is her Leader Obama. I hope you all enjoy the pictures and I look forward to the NEXT step in the battle for the soul of America and this is a battle for FREEDOM!

God Bless America

The pictures at the end show the bill taped together and it runs the length of US Capitol steps to the Library of Congress….amazing!

Tyranny will be passed tonight but FREEDOM will win in the end!

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