The MOST Trusted Name in News....FOX bludgeoned the competition...

When you tell the TRUTH they will come!

Total Viewers: (L +SD)

Prime: FNC: 4043 | CNN: 826 | MSNBC: 974 | HLN: 842

WE know that FOX is definitely center RIGHT in their opinion and THANK GOD for that because the other leftist media have ALWAYS been LEFT in their news reporting and HARD LEFT in opinion so it is absolutely one of the most exciting times to watch as FOX gets election coverage numbers that CBS, NBC and ABC get.

I am heartened that Americans have looked at this President and decided he is too EXTREME for them and in such they want the straight TRUTH on what he is doing. They recognize that the leftist alphabet media ABCCBSNBCMSDNCCNNHLN are ALWAYS going to softshoe ANY “news” about their ideological partner President.

I have in the last 6 or so years caught onto the CRIMINAL way the leftist media has spun their news to get us to this moment in time of utter CHAOS and TYRANNY! It is what they have wanted and what they have pushed to the sheep in America that brings us to the EDGE OF THE CLIFF of our great Country and its Constitutional LIMITS which has served us well for over two hundred and thirty three years. The leftist media has thrown off its own facade of being for the First Amendment by bedding the LIBERAL government it has pushed Americans to and in such they have become what Pravda used to be and what the  China Daily is now!

I am heartened by the numbers for FOX as I am for the elections yesterday and the TEA Parties this summer as it has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that Americans are AWAKE & they are ANGRY & they are ready to take back their Constitution and ALL the inherent FREEDOMS with in it!