The NEWS media decided today that Obama is an idiot and FOX is a NEWS station!...

The President and his lackeys with their street THUG ways decided they would go the extra mile against FOX. They have the press pool which is ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN & FOX called to interview the “pay” czar but they chose to DENY FOX access. The aforementioned stations decided they did have more DIGNITY then the White House and told the lackeys NO!!! They advised the White House that NO ONE would give access to the “pay” czar if their sister station FOX was excluded from the interview process.

Obama and the THUGS that work for him thought they would take over a cliff that FOX is not news meme that they have been pushing for over 2 weeks solid however it appears that the media while LIBERAL is also very CLANNISH in that they protect their own whether they agree with them or not. I stand here today and APPLAUD the very dignified response from those media organization to a bunch of gangbangers in the WH!

I have to say I have great HOPE today that our Republic will be fine even if WE must fight for it every day. I never thought the day would come when I was PROUD of the oldstream leftist media but here I am proud as punch 🙂

UPDATE….video provided by Moe’s diary on the FP…

Thanks Moe