Help a Conservative raise some fundage...

One of our best and brightest bloggers is having a Fund Drive.  He does this because he cannot find the money men to support his dream of a Conservative G.O.P.  The reason he cannot is because it appears those with the money are those same RINO’s WE are consistently griping about.  Much has been written recently of the “disconnect” between the GRASSROOTS & the National G.O.P. this is one of those “disconnects”.  We are blessed to have people who literally STARVE to get Conservatives elected to office.  I know that WE are called on to donate to those Candidates but WE must also help those who corral us to the Conservative candidate.

You all know Caleb because he is one of the hardest working grassroots organizers WE are blessed to have.  He is running a donation drive and WE helped him the last time so let us help him again.  When WE give just a small amount it allows Caleb to continue to FIGHT on our behalf.  If the same 200+ who bought rock salt to melt Snowe gave Caleb $20.00 that would most certainly help him for a time to continue the battle for the SOUL of the GOP.

He would not directly ask you but I saw on his ActiCons site he is running this fundraiser and being a good little grassroots worker I am asking you.  If you like what he writes and appreciate the FIGHT in his soul please help him out!  I know I felt better & I know you will too.  WE may not always know what to do because WE are pulled in so many directions however this is one of those things that is RIGHT.

Donate here