So Black America what is the endgame?

I have said in comments many times that I have not seen race relations this bad in decades. I am fully aware of the pride and happiness at having Obama elected President however it has shown an uglier side to Black America. I would say perhaps there has always been reverse racism and when you set up a system in this country to reward based on color or sex you will get the natural human reaction of “I DESERVE this”. I imagine a lot of white Americans were proud to vote for Obama, liberals because he is their God and other’s who thought it was a great time in America and agreed with at least ½ of what he was selling. Those people thought it was right because they no longer saw race in this country as a problem, they were wrong. Obama’s Presidency has created racial divisions where none were prior. There is an interesting blowback to his Presidency on this as more and more American’s wake up to the fact that they are “racists”. They were not racists last year; they were hard working Americans going about their lives never giving race a second thought. This year if they don’t like something this President wants to do they are racists. If they call his policies Socialistic they are calling him the N word We know only rappers use the N word so we will change it up to tag you a racist

This has reached such levels of arrogance as to have Black Americans think that Atlanta BELONGS to them It belongs to us I want them to know Atlanta BELONGS to no one race or sex it belongs to the people. America has witnessed a Black Police Officer in Reston, VA tell a white protester that his sign which was anti-Obama is not American and he can FIND a reason to arrest him if he continues to use it You did it to us decades ago now it’s our turn. I can only extrapolate from all that I have seen since Obama overtook Hillary last year that there must be an endgame. I will note that the Black Man has NOT been kept down in the past 5 decades that Blacks have enjoyed unparalleled growth and success. It is not without struggle that they got there but they have. It is a misnomer that Black America cannot have the same successes as Whites, they are as likely to be rich and have an upper middle class existence as everybody else in America. I am not quite sure where they think this HATE is going to take them. I personally do not accept the victim mentality anymore. I believe it doesn’t work for most Americans. I think that Americans as a whole REJECT this racist mentality from Black Americans. What I do believe it will end up doing is ensuring that Blacks start to get rejected. The old days of crying racism at every juncture, only inflames Americans who don’t have a racist bone in their body and will end up creating hate where none existed before.

I was so angry at the Atlanta item this morning I chatted with my husband and I joked I didn’t have a Mammy but surely our kids did I remember distinctly they used to cry out Mammy, Mammy, oh yeah that’s right it was MOMMY! There is no doubt at one time in this country that Blacks were abused and treated as non-human but that time is long past. These old school race-baiters who keep the inner city locked down where maybe 1 child in 10 escapes to a better life are the only plantation owners left in this country. The Democrat Party has grasped hold of Black Americans and yet they do nothing for them but expect their vote every year. I would hope that the day they stop voting in bloc for them is the day those in the inner cities see their circumstances change. The truth about America is anyone at anytime can be anything they want to be regardless of color or sex because America is where the streets are paved with GOLD. If this HATE does not abate soon this President does not get control of this racist agenda of his it will not be a good ending. He and his minions have done more to sow racial discord in this country then have been done in 40 years. I ask them to wake up and STOP and enjoy the success that any Black person can have. There does NOT need to be social redistribution of people’s hard work. There does NOT have to be a taking from other’s to give to whom you think is underserved. The reality is NO ONE is underserved who truly wants to get up and go to work each and every day.

I ask what is the endgame because I am not sure where they think this is going. They are still only 12 percent of the population that does not a majority make. Perhaps Atlanta will belong to them and perhaps their arrogance will ensure DEFEAT for their candidate. So instead of looking at the candidates for their policies the conditions have been created for them to be looked at by the color of their skin. I will repeat again that they are only 12 percent of the population. If the race hating continues at some point Black America will find itself on the losing end of the race game. I hope they recognize that it doesn’t sting anymore when White America is called racist because that has been done to death. We laugh now instead of turn red with embarrassment. The cry wolf is overdone and it doesn’t work in 21st century America. I suggest either participate in one America or be left behind.