Apocalypse Now!!! or Animal House. The anti-war lefts hypocrisy

It appeared to everyone that the anti-war left that geared up in 2003 to bring the troops home were young engaged and serious people. It is now evident that was not true at all. We had old hippies from the 60’s and 70’s who gathered together with jobless addled youngsters to “fight the system. They were colorful and forceful and they were going to bring CHANGE. The facts are there is no CHANGE, we have escalated our footprint in Afghanistan and have moved troops from Iraq to Afghanistan not coming home, going to Afghanistan.

I understand that the tools who I consider to have drawn out the war in Iraq with their political protests are no longer interested in bringing our troops home Netroots: War what War? From Byron York. Why I would go so far as to say it was NEVER about our military men and women that it was ALWAYS about politics. It is shameful to witness this type of hypocrisy as it is not without cost. This is not protesting some Whole Foods owner Argula War or Glenn Becks show Stupid Advertisers!!! no these protests caused more deaths. I have seen these political protestors up close and it was apparent to me they were groupthink paid protestors! They of course NEVER thought through the final result of their actions. They had some serious cheerleaders though Kerry is stupider then the troops and Hey Dick you are more Nazi then our troops ever will be! and the shameful leftist press or as I call them PRAVDA. I would like to think they feel shame for their actions that had a brilliant General debased in the PRAVDA media at 1/2 price NY Times & Move.On 2 peas in a pod of leftism but they will not. The bought and paid for protesters will get their 10-15 dollar pieces of silver to work for Move.On to help Soros (Judas) to bring down the American Economy which is where he makes his living. It was never about the United States Military other then their hate for it Hate protection for pedophiles but not for the military it was always about a Republican President.

I have to say I am grateful once again for new media because unlike the past this was a one shot deal. These little idiots will not be able to gin up public anger again. The public will see that it was not in their hearts but in their wallets that was the driving motivator against the war. The public at large will see how quickly they dropped their mantra of “bring the troops” home once a Democrat was in office. I personally hope their soul’s burn in hell for helping our beloved soldiers to die in a God forsaken hole while they along with their Senate cheerleaders extended the war for political gain.