Sotomeyer and the liberal trap...

To me it is quite obvious that this pick is the ultimate TRAP by liberals to make WHITE MALE REPUBLICANS look like the racists they consistently say they are.  I say DON’T BITE!  I know you guys know me well enough to know I would be the first on the committee to call out her racism however I believe that the Senators need use this opportunity to do many of things…



1.  Question if she sees the Constitution as a “living, breathing” document or is it the very cornerstone of our Republic as is.

2.  Question if she believes that justice is BLIND, that it neither sees’s color nor gender nor sexual predilections or ethnicity.

3.  Question if she believes that The United States of America is unique in its Constitution and need NEVER bring International Law into the process of her judgment on cases.

4.  Question if she believes in the actual WRITING of Roe v Wade and does she also believe in ‘settled law” or should old law be looked at in future opportunities before the court.

5.  Does she believe that American’s have a 2nd Amendment right to bear arms?

6.  Does she believe there is anything in the Constitution of the United States of America that would give the President the right to take private companies and make them companies of the Government?



Add others you think our Representatives should ask her and put them in the comments.



The ultimate goal of this diary is to let our Congress people know that this woman is going to be confirmed, the votes are there and the TRAP is laid out to use against Republicans in Hispanic Communities in the 2010 and 2012 elections.  There is no way she is more liberal than Souter, it is a wash and there is a possibility as a Roman Catholic Hispanic she may be (I am saying may) more receptive to turning Roe v Wade back to the states.  I do know that the left is quite antsy about that today and I am not quite sure why.



I want our Congress people to do their DUE DILIGENCE and I want them to show the American Public the difference in the way they treat the Democrats nominee with the way the Democrats treated Thomas, Alito and Roberts.  With every question they ask they MUST throw in how the Democrats asked their nominee’s their questions and I want them to note OVER and OVER how Barack Hussein Obama attempted to filibuster the Republican nominee.  It MUST be absolutely CLEAR the difference between the two parties in the way Supreme Court nominee’s are treated!


Lastly as you know I am hardly of the NEW TONE group of Conservatives though I would say NEW TONE is a Republican Brand and they have died by it!  It is with immense thought and a looking over of the landscape that I put forth this diary calling for the most CIVILIZED hearings the American Public has watched in the last few years and that so little time has passed with each backhanded smack the Republicans give with their reminding the public of the NASTINESS of the Democrats that it will indeed be a WINNER for Republicans!