My call today with the Hannity show!

It didn’t happen! 

I called into his show yesterday after Marco Rubio spoke to let him know how great it was to have him on and I wanted to give a shout out to Redstate and the money generated by the Conservative grassroots.   I got through and the moderator asked if I was a liberal I said HELL NO and she hung up, so I waited until the next 1/2 hour to try again….same thing and so forth and so on until finally this young lady took my name and number and promised to call me today (I didn’t believe that for a moment).  She actually did call me about 1:30 this afternoon and asked if I was going to be ready in about 45 minutes to an hour and I was tickled pink and of course I was going to be ready.

Well again she did indeed call me back in that 45 minute time frame and wanted to know what I wanted to say to Sean….first off I wanted to tell him he is a Patriot and I appreciate his calling himself a Conservative not a Republican.  I wanted to tell him that Marco Rubio is a GREAT Conservative and that Redstate has a money bomb going for him to show up the NRSC and Crist (I am praying on that)  and then it appears the problems began…..I was told I cannot talk about Redstate and definitely NOT Crist as he is a friend of Sean’s show and then it occurred to me why should I a loyal listener to both his radio and FOX show not speak of Crist and his liberal policies?  So anyway I stayed on hold on my cell phone for 20 minutes walking around my companies facilities so that my bosses wouldn’t see me wasting 20 minutes of time to have the woman come back and ask if she could call me back, SHE PROMISED SHE WOULD……SHE DIDN’T (shocker I know).  I attempted to call a couple of times on the ride home and got through but lo and behold they again were looking for LIBERALS, I asked her why I was treated so callously earlier in the day and she hung up on me.  Mr. Hannity are you or are you not a Conservative? or sir are you just a guy talking a bunch of Conservative mantra’s to keep your numbers up?

I think the moral of my small story is that there really is no large media organization who is willing to allow the Conservative people out here in the beautiful USA to say what they want when they want and how they want without some rules placed on them.  I want to thank Redstate for being a place that does just that because without it and a couple of other large online sites I do think I might go insane 🙂