The Rules for Radicals being used AGAINST the Radicals...thwap!

I have spoken about this young lady many times but I can never say enough.  Lila Rose is one of the brightest gifts the world has in the WAR on abortion and it is a war.  Planned Parenthood and their supporters not only are killing babies at a profit (1 billion last year) they are also culpable in RAPE.  Their workers KNOW that the young girls coming there are getting pregnant by older men and YET they still forward their unborn babies to the GAS CHAMBERS!!!  Those girls and all women are getting a ANGEL in lila Rose a UCLA student who is getting these killers on tape plotting their schemes to kill those babies. 


“The aide explains that the girl will need a parent’s consent because she is only 13.

The girl balks; she does not want to name the father.

“Cause, I mean, he would be in really big trouble,” says the girl. Her boyfriend, she explains, is 31.

The aide drops her head into her hands.

“In the state of Indiana,” says the aide, “when anyone has had intercourse and they are age 13 or younger . . . it has to be reported to Child Protective Services.”

There is a 60-second gap in the tape, according to the running timer on the video. What happens next is meant to be explosive.

“OK,” says the aide, “I didn’t hear the age. I don’t want to know the age. It could be reported as rape. And that’s child abuse.”

“So if I just say I don’t know who the father was, but he’s one of the guys at school or something?” asks the girl.

“Right,” says the aide, who has just stepped into a carefully laid trap.”

The new way forward is to use the Rules for Radicals that Lila Rose is using to call attention to these ghouls.. “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.”