What are the lives of United States Citizens worth politically?

That Barack Hussein Obama and his Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanual felt it necessary to ATTEMPT to embarrass the former President of the United State George Walker Bush is no surprise.  The surprise is that it appears that OUR lives and the very survival of the United States has so callously and politically been put on the chopping block for popularity. 

September 11th 2001 didn’t happen overnight it took 5 years of planning for those hijackers to destroy the World Trade Towers the Pentagon and destroy a plane over PA.  I will note that day everyone was in shock and then the shock turned to ANGER within weeks.  The President promised US that those who had done this “would hear us”.  The President then promised US that we would NEVER AGAIN be on defense that WE would always be on OFFENSE! “you are either with us or against us”.  We never again worried that President George Walker Bush would keep us safe and our faith in him was proven when he walked out of the White House on January 20th, 2009 turning the keys over to Barack Hussein Obama.  WE DO NOT have the same feeling that we will not be hit again because Obama and his minions in their RUSH to appease the appeasers have placed our very SAFETY at risk. 

I do not doubt for one moment that as of January 20th, 2009 we are no more safe then we were on September 10th, 2001.  This new President has decided to let our enemies know that the “torture” they will receive if caught will be, waterboarding (our military is waterboarded), nakedness (we are born naked), caterpillers in their cell (little children everywhere are playing with caterpillers) and they will know to LAUGH when they are brought to justice.  These animals who will cut of your head but prior to that pull out your fingernails, cut off parts of your body and many other true torturous items to TERRORIZE you before they KILL YOU will NEVER again give up information.

Information that was received via ‘torture” by the United States of America SAVED US from a SECOND WAVE according to Khalid Sheik Mohammad “Before he was waterboarded, when KSM was asked about planned attacks on the United States, he ominously told his CIA interrogators, “Soon, you will know.”
According to the previously classified May 30, 2005 Justice Department memo that was released by President Barack Obama last week, the thwarted attack — which KSM called the “Second Wave” KSM planned to use East Asian operatives to crash a hijacked airliner into’ a building in Los Angeles.”

I guess all those TOOLS out in LA feel a little left out and have a NEED to be apart of and would like to have their own 9-11 because if President George Walker Bush had not authorized with the legal advice of MANY, MANY lawyers to waterboard this TERRORIST they would have gotten hit.  It appears that there is nothing off limits to the left in this country when it comes to DESTROYING us.  I am now more a terrorist in the eyes of the Government than KSM and AQ are.  The RADICALS HAVE TAKEN OVER!