Hey you COWARD Republican's are you going to let this STAND?

I am so angry at well just about everything this SOCIALIST government is doing but one more item to add to the funeral pyre…

“The CNMI government, through the Department of Community and Cultural Affairs, has filed an application for a $3 million grant that would allow the inclusion of poor permanent residents in the federal Nutrition Assistance Program.

This was disclosed by DCCA Secretary Cecilia T. Celes Friday, who said the funds would come from the stimulus law, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

Permanent residents are foreign nationals who were granted permanent residency immigration status on island. ”

GOOD LORD!  give me a break already…..I am working hard EVERY DAY to pay for foreign nationals in the Northern Mariana Islands to get foodstamps now?  Its not enough that I work hard EVERY DAY to help American’s who cannot work for whatever reason BUT now you want to spread my tax dollars and every American who gets up to go to work who actually PAYS TAXES to give food stamps to the WORLD?  I have to ask when is it ENOUGH?  WHEN?