When is outsourcing a job a problem for life saving or dying?

When your medical records are outsourced to Asia.  I find the very thought that every precious piece of MY medical history to be in the hands of a company outside the United States of America to be a GRAVE problem.  Now if Dell wants its customers to talk to someone who barely speaks English well I really don’t care because eventually Americans will buy a product where by they get customer service in the language they understand. 

“Most of the work is done for 10 to 15 cents a line in less than 24 hours. But the cost can be 300 times that for “stat,” or immediate, orders, such as when a doctor needs a transcript of an emergency medical team’s radio report before its helicopter lands with a patient.”

So our very lives are worth 10 to 15 cents I know that makes me feel better.  The woman in the story NEEDS to have her appendix removed STAT but it takes 15 minutes to get the information and have it transcribed.  My first job down in VA was medical transcriptionist and it paid very well 2 decades ago, it is a real shame that this type of serious business has as well been OUTSOURCED to Asia.  Is there nothing WE will keep here in America for the benefit of the the enduser as well as the workforce?