Contact your Congresspeople no matter their party affiliation!

That OUR tax dollars were used to create the DHS Report on “rightwing extremism” is the ultimate in WASTE.  I have been angry over many things our government has done but I have to say this tops them all.  I am against illegal’s getting AMNESTY, I am against ABORTION and I believe that local and state governments should have MORE power than the Federal Government!  Those 3 items make me an AMERICAN not a RIGHTWING EXTREMIST!  As of the writing of this report 47% almost 58 million AMERICANS who voted AGAINST The One are RIGHTWING EXTREMISTS! 

Both of my Senators are Democrats here in VA but that does not matter because they work for ALL Virginians whether they be Republicans, Democrats, Independents or Ron Paul voters and ALL OF US are Americans.  That I did not have faith that The One would work to keep our right to FREE SPEECH and our right TO BEAR ARMS has been proven TRUE!  What that indicates is that I am smarter than the those who voted away those rights in November.  WE MUST TAKE A STAND ON THIS!  I beg all of you to slam those Congressional phones tomorrow and to have a copy of the most heinous of charges in that DHS Report.  Get your Representative on the record as to where they stand on this TAKING of our First Amendment Rights. 


This action by DHS with my own tax dollars which not only offends me but offends our MILITARY is beyond the pale and MUST be addressed.