Not Evil just Wrong ( I think some of them are just pure Evil )

There appears to be an inconvenient film coming out later this year that will fire up fat rich and old Al Gore.  This is a rebuttal to “An Inconvenient Truth” the TRASH that is shoved down our children’s throats in school as GOSPEL!  I myself know on a purely rational calm uneducated level that this insanity was UNTRUE.  I personally remember being told by the oldstream media in the 1970’s that our world was FREEZING that an Ice Age was coming, so when they told me in the 90’s that we were burning up I thought something doesn’t smell quite right.  So I have looked into the HYSTERIA and for myself decided that the only thing that is happening with this Global Warming is that certain people are becoming RICH at the expense of the poor.

Here is a good accounting of the TOOLS at the NY Times and their stupidity over the last 100 years and their ALARMISM headlines…


I never tire of saying that the Democrat Party and their assorted groups to the left ie: Marxist, Socialist etc. DESPISE the poor.  Their very actions on this issue alone would kill small industries in towns across Middle America and in such destroy the very livelihood of those who live there.  When I hear T Boone Pickens on the radio with his commercials (EVERYDAY) I hear a man who has made his wealth off of oil and can see the next set of billions by FORCING the issue of windmills (no lib wants them in their backyard) and other assorted new age means of electricity. Now, I personally am in agreement for PRIVATE INDUSTRY doing an all of the above because WE NEED to get off of our dependence on foreign oil. However, T. Boone does what the rich and powerful do best get richer and more powerful on the backs of the poorest most defenseless of world ( he wants governments to make him those billions for him via TAXES).  He rolls with a cadre of the same blood suckers although Al Gore must be the biggest vampire of them all.  Oh Al poor fat Al this consistent putting off of his ideas have kept him at making ONLY 100 million since leaving the employ of the US Government instead of the billions neigh trillions he could make with carbon credit schemes (think Nigerian lottery emails).

I find the most interesting statements that this film will show to be these..

“Perhaps the most memorable scene in Mine Your Own Business was that of the WWF’s local representative in Madagascar, Mark Fenn, who was leading opposition to a development by Rio Tinto. The appalling Mr. Fenn, who owned a $35,000 catamaran and was building a local luxury home, claimed that poor people were happier, and that if the locals had more money they would “just spend it.”

The film makers have come up with similar buffoons for their new movie, including a Bible-thumping environmentalist in Uganda who opposes using DDT and claims that the U. S. never experienced malaria and Hollywood actor Ed Begley, who suggests that Fijians are “happy with nothing.””

You see the poor are always “happy” to be poor the rich and the powerful cannot be bothered by the gnats at the lower rung of the human chain they would rather just not know they are there.  I strongly believe that there is a special place in hell for those who so loved their money that human life became dispensable to them in that quest for their riches.