Revolution is in the air......so says South Carolina Rep Michael Pitts!...I like Mike!


I certainly don’t know much about Rep Michael Pitts but I like what he is saying and I like that 29 states have either introduced legislation to bring the power back to the states or passed (one state) or tried (again one state they lost).  I keep telling people that this path that President Bush started us down and handed over to the ultimate socialist Obama will not end well. 

I have encouraged my Senators and my Congresspeople to STOP and TAKE A BREATH!  I hope that you have as well.  This insanity, this merry go round if you will has been going on since September.  There has NOT been a moment of sanity A BREATH.  We are being led down a path that I do not believe the government NOR the states REALLY want to go down.  Everyday its something NEW (not) that MUST BE DONE NOW!  and the urgency leads to the inability to even READ A BILL it is CRUSHING this country.  I do NOT for one moment believe this government nor Bush’s government TRULY know how We The People of these United State of America REALLY feel about our country. 

I would have thought they would have LEARNED from the illegal immigration how riled up WE can get.  WE being Republicans and Democrats alike KILLED that bill.  We will NOT allow this government to take away our RIGHT to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness for one minute.  They will try WE will deny!

The Tea Parties and the 4-15 MASSIVE Tea Rallies are BUT a beginning……NEVER underestimate the power of people who have been FREE their entire lifetimes!  


“And although Pitts hails from Abbeville, the place where the South’s first secession votes were cast, he insists that today’s efforts to check federal power aren’t limited to regional pockets or even political affiliation. “The mainstream media would portray some of us as rednecks, whether we’re from Pennsylvania, Oregon, or South Carolina,” says Pitts. “But this is a wake-up call. And if Washington doesn’t heed that wake-up call, revolution is on the horizon.”