Muscle for Money program brought to you by the Union SEIU and staffed by ACORN!

Watching Glenn Beck and hearing how the AIG protesters were bussed to the homes of AIG Executives by SEIU renting out ACORN who of course put low income and unemployed POOR people on the buses for what end?  Their end was all the people (muscle) terrorizing people in front of their homes where their children and families reside and expect peace and serenity, you do at your home don’t you?  The result was they gave them the bonuses back for the PEACE AND SERENITY they thought they had.  These executives EARNED their money via CONTRACT….you remember those don’t you? where one party agrees to something and you sign it they sign and the work commences…..you see at the end of said SIGNED contract there is an expectation nay a demand that said work be paid for…….PERIOD! 

Hey you don’t like executives getting bonuses than perhaps you won’t ever want to earn a bonus why just today I found out our company will not be giving raises HOWEVER if we make our margin dollars for the quarter each quarter there is a bonus incentive…..AM I NOT TO GET THAT IN THIS AMERICA!  Give me a break I am sick to death of these “brownshirts” “hitsquads” “mob (mafia)” UNION crap….enough is enough they are THROUGH this country doesn’t NEED them anymore and they embarrass themselves with their pathetic attempts at playing John Teflon Don Gotti…..GROW UP!

I want to express this is the simplest terms I know how…..you know who had/has muscle programs? rent a mobs? Saddam Hussein, Hugo Chavez, Bashir al-Assad, Hitler, Mussolini etc.  I think Barack Obama the SEIU and ACORN all ought to be brought up on charges of inciting RIOTS and breaking the peace!  that is the least they ought to be charged with I suspect vote tampering and throwing an election is THE TRUE charges that will NEVER see the light of day!  They all DISGUST me….anti-American? your damn right that is what they are!