So what poor neighborhood will your windmills and solar energy go to Democrats?

We know that The Lion Ted Kennedy did not want wind in his backyard it would sully the view and effect his sailing


Today we have Diane Feinstein declaring the Mojave Desert is to pristine for Solar Wind farms http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5h7aY31elSSpEWsXL0RHmqIowB3rgD972CNG00

I then was watching the news when lo and behold the Federal Government through its regulations put in place to save an owl oh I don’t know 30+ years ago in Oregon has left 3 formly weathy counties destitute with near 25 percent unemployment.  They recently passed an ordinance for wind turbine farms on PRIVATE land BUT the damn ENVIRONMENTALISTS are fighting it….WHERE I say is good enough for these solar/wind farms that you consistantly call for in the face of NEW TECHNOLOGY liberals WHERE? 

I will tell you where they will try to build them…..in poor rural south regions because liberals are nothing if not hateful of the south or the midwest NEVER in your precious North East or West Coast’s oh no!  This is of course my opinion because it has not yet begun BUT if you cannot place them where the RICH LIBERALS are where then where my friends can they be?  They are going to have to be somewhere because those liberals who hate the poor are going to put the barriers back in place for no drilling here in the USA so energy prices will rise again.  I can afford it BUT the poor cannot.  WHY DO THEY HATE THE POOR SO MUCH?

I despise these environmentalists who put an owl a mouse or any other stupid flower or made up tripe up against the very livelihood of Americans who are out of work and hungry NOW that is class warfare….it is indeed the Democrats with their high spending and attempts to kill the weak in our society while they party all night long that are the class (CLASSLESS) that We The People need to divide ourselves from!