What is the left hand doing?

I was reading Lucianne.com as I like to do and I come across three separate stories taking Obama/Acorn to task from some really hardcore leftist’s in both the media and the Congress.  I not being a stupid person, start thinking what is really going on?  What is being done that is not being paid attention to such as the big AIG fiasco the other day whist the Treasury printed out a TRILLION dollars and devalued our dollar while NO ONE was talking about it…..you all know to pay attention to the left hand while the tools want you looking at the right.

The first story that caught my attention the socialist Eleanor Cliff writing in Newsweek about how Obama BETTER get his story straight on the AIG debacle as to whether it is he who knew or who high up MADE Dodd stick it back in the bill….now if you don’t know Eleanor this women would be Obama’s Monica Lewinsky if he would let her that is how much she loves him (sorry for the vision ;p)  http://www.newsweek.com/id/190243

The second thing that caught my attention was Maxine Waters she of the insane branch of the left wing who wold nationalize everything in our country if given the chance as well takes on The One who answer what he knew and when he knew it and this woman would take a bullet for this Imitation Christ…


The final nail in the coffin so to speak which got me to thinking something is going on elsewhere that our attention is not being placed on was Rep Conyers he idiot from Michigan calling for Congressional hearings on ACORN….WHAT?  This is the same tool who wants Congressional hearings on President Bush and VP Cheney for war crimes….SOMETHING DOES NOT SMELL RIGHT at all on these 3 people amongst many others today who would lay down and die for this man to be taking him and his people ACORN to task all at once…..


I tell you something else ie: the TRILLION the other day being ignored is up and I just cannot see what it is and so my brilliant and bright and fantastic thinkers here on Redstate I am asking your help in helping me to see just what it might be……if NOTHING and they are turning on him GREAT but I DOUBT THAT FOR ONE MOMENT!