DeMint to force the Fairness Doctrine issue! Thank you sir!

Senator DeMint a great Senator is attaching to the voting rights bill for DC an amendment to once and for all end debate about the Fairness Doctrine.  He is going to MAKE Democrats and Obama go on the record once and for all! NO more word games NO more Democrats out there floating the idea to see where the public is.  I applaud him for making them answer this question as WE need to know if WE are going to have to GEAR UP for battle because I can guarantee you it will be a BATTLE.

This insanity has reached a fever pitch what with Waxman D-idiot CA wanting to include the internet.  The bottom line on this Fairness Doctrine is there is nothing fair about it…it is ONLY being done to shut down opposing views and that my friends is the very basis of our great country FREEDOM OF SPEECH….I will as well note that there is a VERY GOOD REASON the second Amendment is the RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS because the second protects the first!

Let me also say how nice it is of Senator DeMint to utilize The One’s words in his “selling” of this amendment…

“I’m glad President Obama finally confirmed his opposition to the Fairness Doctrine, which attacks the right of free speech on talk radio, but many Democrats in Congress are still pushing it,” DeMint said. “With the support of the new administration, now is the time for Congress to take a stand against this kind of censorship. I intend to seek a vote on this amendment next week so every senator is on record: Do you support free speech or do you want to silence voices you disagree with?