Why Sarah Palin matters to Conservative/Republican Women!

It isn’t a sexist thing though many men will assume it is…it is a matter of a woman who through her actions has stood the National Organization of Women on its head.  This organization has done more damage to healthy productive relationships between men and women in a scant 40+ years than anyone could imagine.

Women have had beaten into their heads that careers come first and to put off those families and be all that you can be because you cannot do that with a man and children.  When women are told to kill their babies because it will hold you back the message is clear YOU FIRST men and children last.

Sarah Palin came on the scene and showed women that you can have it all with the love and support of a family.  We can have a loving husband and wonderful children and a career or we can have a loving husband and wonderful children and stay home BUT we have a choice.  We have had Gloria Steinham on covers of magazines in the 70’s and the push for women’s equality all over the TV and magazines telling us we were less than if we did not egotistically grab for the golden ring sans family.  It is apparent that Ms. Steinham is both old and bitter at this juncture because REAL conservative women inherently know that to have it all is to enjoy the love and support of a family as you go after the golden ring.  We enjoy the support and sacrifice we make together with our families, it makes us better human beings.  It is no secret that conservative women are happier and more satisfied people than female liberals.  It is because of our families!

Sarah has given a voice to what we have always known and in her we have an example to point to when we talk to younger women about conservatism.  She doesn’t need to be the next Presidential candidate unless she chooses to do so BUT she does need to be a major part of our party!  I as a conservative do not like nor want to feed into identity politics BUT when we get a wonderful example of a politician to forward the growth of our party WE MUST SIEZE UPON IT!  Sarah is that example!  There are organizations set up around her example one of them has 60K members both men and women and conservative women groups have set up shop all around the internet…..WE ARE A HUGE PART OF THE GRASSROOTS!

If we are to wrench away from liberals their stranglehold on the female vote it is through examples of women who have it all and they got it and retained it with a loving husband at their side.  We conservative women want all women to know that our husbands walk with us in life and support our decisions with a strong hand to help us get to our destinations in life.  Men are not the enemies that liberals would have you believe they are.  This is a moment in time with this example of Sarah Palin to make women see that the Democrat Party is more demeaning of women and other groups then they ever imagined and we can use Hillary as part of that example.

There are few times in life when timing provides examples of what we as a party can utilize this is one of those windows and if we don’t seize it and nurture it we fall backwards in our push to get to a younger generation of potential conservatives. 

I will not sit idly by and let this extraordinary time slip away.