Pssst, Hey Republicans in the Congress?

How is that restructuring of debt for homeowners who couldn’t make their mortgages on houses they couldn’t afford in the first place working out for them?

Yeah, it’s not! because the majority of them didn’t intend to do the right thing in the first place!


How funny is this? Those same poor mouthing ACORN supported deadbeats that bought a house they couldn’t afford the first time; through the WISDOM of the liberal Congress and crying Republican Congressmen (Boehner) got refinanced to help them keep those homes they couldn’t afford because it was just the drop in bubble that made them unable to pay, well not so much!

Oh it helped; they got to live a few more months on the money they had NEVER intended to pay on their mortgages and in the house they never intended to pay for because it takes time to kick them. 

 Why wouldn’t they take this golden opportunity?  because they are the dregs of society who do not pay their bills and EXPECT the government to pick up the tabs and pay their way through life.  We have all seen and or knew such people and WE knew they were NEVER going to pay for that mortgage in the first place.  I love it when I am RIGHT and this is just one reason for the Republicans in the House and Senate to JUST SAY NO TO ANYMORE BAILOUTS!

This share the wealth or take from the rich to give to the poor is the most pathetic excuse for a policy for any country let alone this GREAT COUNTRY!  There will always be people who are lazy and will NEVER pull their FAIR SHARE and that is rarely the people who makes millions from the ground (not the Paris Hilton’s) up only to have it taken from them to give to shiftless lazy people.

I am asking our Republican/Conservative Senators and Congresspeople to stand firm and do not allow your names to be placed on one more dime of money from those who get up and go to work everyday and pay taxes and their bills (my family)  to “help” either individuals or businesses who cannot seem to get up and work everyday!    You must be able to recognize that WE THE PEOPLE of these United States did not want the first set of bailouts and we most certainly do not want anymore!